Unlocking the Squad: Your Blueprint for More Agents in Valorant

Unlocking the Squad: Your Blueprint for More Agents in Valorant

Hey there, fresh-faced Valorant players! Just landed in the game and wondering why your agent choices are a bit on the slim side? No worries, we’ve got your back on the whole agent unlocking scene. In Valorant, you start with a modest five agents, but unlocking more is like discovering hidden treasures. Let’s dig into the mysteries of getting agents in Valorant and creating the ultimate Valorant squad.

Starting Lineup: Your First Five Agents in Valorant

As you step into Valorant, you’ll notice you’ve got a small crew to pick from initially. Think of them as your core team until you unlock more. The game’s saying, “Get cozy with these pals first.” Here’s the starting five:


The guy who loves playing with fire – literally a fiery duelist.


A nimble duelist with a knack for speedy kills and dodging bullets.


The tactical controller who brings the heat with airstrikes and smokes.


A supportive sentinel who can heal, revive, and keep the team alive.


The strategic initiator, armed with recon abilities to scout enemies.

How to Expand Your Agent Collection

Okay, the starting squad is cool, but you wouldn’t want to hang out with the same gang forever, right? Here’s how you can unlock more agents in Valorant and add some spice to your adventures:

1. Radiant Contracts:

Agents aren’t freelancers; they’ve got contracts. Earn XP by playing games, completing missions, and fulfilling contracts to unlock new agents. Click on the agent you want, activate their contract, and start grinding.

2. Duel with Valorant Points:

If patience isn’t your strong suit, Valorant Points (VP) are your express ticket to agents. Feeling a bit hasty? Spend those Valorant Points in the store to grab your favorite KLIK88SLOT agent.

3. Ignite Episode Contracts:

When a new Episode drops, fresh content arrives, and new agents often come with it. Keep an eye out for Episode Contracts. Complete the contract, and voila – the agent is yours.

Why Unlocking Agents in Valorant Matters

Now, you might be thinking, why go through the trouble of unlocking agents in Valorant? Well, my friend, it’s not just about having a diverse lineup. Here’s why unlocking agents is a game-changer:

1. No More “One-Trick Pony”:

Valorant is a team game. Having only one agent in your arsenal can be a bummer. Unlocking more agents avoids the “one-trick pony” scenario, giving your team more flexibility.

2. Ace Different Roles:

Agents fall into specific roles – duelist, controller, initiator, and sentinel. Unlocking various agents lets you ace different roles, making you a versatile asset to your squad.

3. Strategic Advantage:

Each agent brings unique abilities to the table. Unlocking more agents in Valorant adds more tools to your tactical arsenal. Whether it’s recon, healing, or flashy kills, a diverse agent pool gives your team a strategic advantage.

The Agent Hunt: Tips and Tricks

Feeling pumped to expand your agent collection? Here are some tips to speed up the process:

1. Daily Missions:

Valorant loves to reward consistency. Complete daily missions to earn XP and progress faster in your agent contracts.

2. Play Episode Missions:

When a new Episode kicks in, special missions usually come with it. Don’t skip these; they can give your XP a significant boost.

3. Mix Up Agents:

Playing different agents in Valorant not only makes the game more fun but also contributes to your overall XP gain. So, try out new characters and spice things up.

In Conclusion: Building Your Dream Team

There you have it – your guide to getting agents in Valorant. Now that you know the drill, go out there, unlock those contracts, and build the ultimate dream team. Whether you’re healing with Sage, fragging out with Jett, or strategizing with Brimstone, a diverse agent collection is your ticket to becoming a Valorant legend. So, gear up, agent recruit, and let the unlocking journey begin!

Unlocking the Squad: Your Blueprint for More Agents in Valorant
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